Hello Bandung Cracker Lovers

About Us

We are a cracker factory from the city of Bandung which has been very famous for a long time because its quality is very delicious, crunchy, long-lasting, suitable as an accompaniment to food in every situation. We implement high quality control and governance starting from selecting high quality ingredients, starting from tapioca flour, single garlic, food grade coloring agents, sea fish from trusted suppliers whose freshness is guaranteed. Our production is free from harmful chemicals. We supervise the production process so that the crackers produced guarantee good quality that meets standards. With more than 25 years of experience, we continue to develop, both in terms of production quality and the use of the latest technological machines, all of which use full stainless steel so that it is guaranteed to be free from rust contamination. We are supported by a production team that is reliable and competent in their field.

We already have P-RIT permits and Halal Certificates for each of our products, so you will be more comfortable enjoying them.

Currently our crackers have entered some local markets in Indonesia (Jakarta, West Java and Central Java) and export markets to Arabia and Egypt. With the market still wide open, we are waiting for business partners to continue to develop together to become distributors in their respective areas that we have not yet covered.


Focus on QUALITY, not quantity

We produce quality crackers, this has been our habit since the beginning. This is not just something we strive for, because we live by this principle. So we can survive for up to 25 years, through various economic upheavals, including the COVID period.

yellow sunflower field during daytime
yellow sunflower field during daytime