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We are a cracker producer from the city of Bandung-West Java, Indonesia, which is famous for its good quality, delicious and crunchy taste. With more than 25 years of experience, we have served the community by serving legendary Bandung crackers with fish and onion flavors. We produce many types of crackers and can also accept orders for crackers that suit local tastes and wisdom in each area.

Currently our crackers have entered some local markets in Indonesia (Jakarta, West Java and Central Java) and export markets to Arabia and Egypt. With the market still wide open, we are waiting for business partners, both from Indonesia and abroad, to continue to develop together to become distributors in their respective areas that we have not yet covered. Let's move forward together and support each other for all of our success!

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Bandung Crackers are really delicious! It tastes very delicious and crunchy. Suitable to enjoy at any time. The best choice for daily food companion. Thank you for the great quality!

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Bandung Crackers are truly amazing! The quality is guaranteed, the taste is authentic, and the crunchy texture makes me addicted. Highly recommended for everyone!

Bandung Crackers are the best! The high quality, delicious taste, and quality ingredients make it my top choice. Thank you for a great product!

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Enjoy high quality Bandung crackers that are delicious, crunchy and free of harmful chemicals. Contact us immediately to get further explanation and the latest prices. Get it now!